Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Yerba Buena

What a beautiful day to ride! We hit the road at about 6:45 this morning...late as usual! Up and over Decker Canyon to Mulholland. Down Mulholland to PCH. They were filming a movie at County Line and Kim almost crashed into a pothole checking out an actor with no shirt on! Classic! Turned up Yerba Buena and readied my mind for the 10.76 mile climb. I have been really sore lately and was worried about hanging with the group but I felt really good! I actually had to stop and wait for Kim a few times. I climbed the mountain 3-4 gears down from the top the whole way! That made me feel really good. We dropped down Little Sycamore which is like a downhill race car track..a total blast! Back down Decker Canyon and then the climb home! Here's the ride stats:
46.92 Miles, 3 Hours 27 Minutes, 4:25 Average Pace, 13.6 Average Speed,
43.6 Max Speed, 132 Average Heart Rate(great Heart Rate for me climbing!) 183 Max HR, 4525 Total Ascent, 4547 Total Descent.
My legs feel great at the moment! I am going to try to hit a mountain bike ride after work....we'll see if they hold up?

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Discover... Experience said...

That is a beautiful picture Lucas. I wish I could steal away and go with you one day...

The ride sounds like a blast.