Tuesday, June 3, 2008

$4.28 a Gallon!! How About $3.00 Every 50 Miles!

It seems as if the prices are not stopping! $4.18 one day, $4.28 the next! I have now committed myself to commuting by bike everyday that it is possible. From my door to my store it is just over 25 miles. The plus of the ride to work is that the majority of the climbing is all in the first 10 miles. That being said , coming home, all the climbing is in the LAST 10 miles! No complaints because it is definitely helping with my fitness level and weight loss! I eat an energy bar before leaving home and then one more before heading home! Thats three bucks instead of the millions it costs to fill up my tank!
Saturday morning I took a slightly different route once I got into the San Fernando Valley. With the light traffic I thought that I would ride Ventura Blvd. the whole way down. Do you know how many restaurants I passed that were cooking some sort of breakfast food? Let's just say that it was enough! I will NEVER take that route again unless I have some time to stop and partake! On my way home Saturday I saw this crazy fire burning next to the road!

Saturday I overdid it a bit. I did not bring any lights since I usually get out before 5PM. Well...it was nuts all day on Saturday and I didn't roll out until about 6:15! I pushed at about 95% into a headwind the WHOLE WAY HOME! I pulled up to home just a the sun set. I was thrashed! I can't wait to see how I improve on my riding time? With that jaunt home I set the bar pretty high. Another benefit is that I am carrying about 15+ pounds on my back so when I go out on a regular ride, I'm feeling pretty light!
It seems like I see more and more people commuting by bike everyday! Maybe if enough of us ACTUALLY drove less, prices would go down! Thursday night rides are getting bigger and bigger and so much fun! Here's a picture from last week! (notice the police escort on the right!)

Ride on,