Monday, August 27, 2007

Ride and Ride Some More....

Well, the car is still in the shop! It has been great to ride everywhere yet a little hard when I need to go grocery shopping! I've continued to ride hard through the week. So hard I am having some lower back issues. Sunday morning I had a great shop ride. It was just myself and the shop manager Kim. We headed up and over Decker Canyon to Pacific Coast Highway(PCH). North on PCH to Mulholland, and then up and over, back to Decker and down into Westlake Village. From there I rolled home! I felt really good for most of the ride, which surprised me because I was really sore on Saturday. Other than riding to work today, I didn't get any time in. I am going to hit a long ride in the morning. We are going to go over the mountain to the beach than climb Yerba Buena which is a 12 mile climb that will put our climbing total close to 5500 ft. for the day! I'm looking forward to rocking my legs off! I'll let you know how it goes!

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