Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ouch! My Legs Hurt!

O.K. so that's not my blood, or my bike for that matter! I did think it would revoke some sympathy though! So I went in for the power testing this morning and was very stunned by what I learned! First, riding on a trainer hurts my bum severely! There is no shock absorption when riding in place! Second, I was told that I have a great level of power in which to work with. Then came the bad news, I have a pretty deficient left hamstring. I am able to spin a pretty solid pedal stroke under power, yet with a weaker and stronger leg, I will tend to burnout much quicker. This is precisely the information that I was looking for. I was getting a little confused with my training as I didn't really know where to go next.
Andrew at Stevenson Fitness has this technology dialed and is a no shit kind of guy. He lays it out exactly as it needs to be laid out and then it's all on me! Through the evaluation he has devised the beginning of a plan for me to work on my deficiencies, lose more fat, and make me a better endurance racer.
The plan for the next few weeks is to spin 2, 1 hour sessions per week hooked up to the computer, followed by a ride utilizing that which I worked on in the gym. 2, 2-4 hour rides per week, not to exceed a heart rate of 150bpm. Also any other type of riding that will not put me into the threat of over training. I will keep you updated! My legs feel like jelly this afternoon! Riding on a trainer hooked up to a computer, pushing 25+ mph for over an hour was.....awesome!
Live Free,

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Discover... Experience said...

That sounds pretty intense Bro. Is this trainer a specialist for riders? Or is he just a physical training specialist in general? It sounds very helpful.

Is this a supplement to your normal riding, or will you do this 'only'?

I tried checking the website but it was not coming up. Will have to look again later... maybe server down.