Friday, August 10, 2007

O.R. Day One in the Books!

Well, now that I am finishing this post, day two is actually in the books as well! It's been a little crazy but my feet are hanging in! We had a great time Wed. night. We went out as a group to the Red Iguana. There were about 20 of us so it was cool! Afterwards the group split and a few of us went to a place called Monk's. Kind of crazy when Raphael walked us into a hallway that led to a staircase that went underneath a 24 hour Kinkos? When we walked in everyone in the bar had a tattoo and looked like they were straight out of LA. It made me a little less homesick as most of the people at street level were pretty country bumpkin looking!
It was Kareoke night and their were a few in our group that were raring to sing. They ended up singing Bon Jovi? They somewhat forced me onto stage and I sang a 30 Seconds To Mars song. It was bad, but everyone kept screaming and clapping so I acted like a rock star and belted it out something awful!
Thursday morning came way to soon and we hit the ground running! Everything has gone very smoothly and I am having a blast. I have met some really cool people and seen some really sweet stuff. I am looking forward to Saturday and Sunday as I will have a larger amount of free time and will be able to check out a lot more! The big world championship climbing competition is Saturday night and I am looking really forward to that! I'll keep you updated!

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