Thursday, August 23, 2007

It Never Fails

Just as things seem to pick up and run somewhat smoothly, the fit hits the shan! Driving home from West Hollywood last night after an event at my wife's business, my lame lemon of a car decided to stop running! My 2004 Ford Focus has been the absolutely worst car I have ever owned! Problem after problem! They had to replace the clutch after 12000 miles and now at 42000 miles the clutch blew up out of nowhere! Well....the bright side, I get to ride everywhere! Lucky me! Photo shoot in downtown L.A. tomorrow. I better get a ride for that one!
Say a prayer my friends, this will either cost $100 or $1050.
Live Free_

1 comment:

Discover... Experience said...

Outta no where? Somehow i doubt that since the car gave you problems from the get go...

Did you take it to the dealer?

Was wondering, did you all buy the Honda Fit you were talking about before we left?

What sort of photoshoot is happening?

Praying for you all.