Thursday, January 10, 2008

Sitting in the Airport

So I decided to bring my laptop. It's kind of crazy when you are sitting at your gate next to a security checkpoint and all of a sudden everything comes to a loud screeching halt. Security and police filled the gates and demanded that everyone stop moving! They sent someone into the "tunnel" to seal off the gate and everyone just sat somewhat in awe of what was going on. The "tunnel I am referring to is a long 1/4 mile white hallway that I assume goes under the runway and leads to the gates where I am at. As I walked through this long white tunnel, I wondered if this was the hallway people speak of seeing as they are brought back from the dead?
About 1 and a half minutes later they screamed all clear and quickly went back to work. No explanation or anything! Whatever!
I will try to post some pics tonight after arriving.


Brendan said...

Whoa! Now that's an example of what makes travel so much fun. You could've filmed that & sold it as film stock for a movie.

Brendan said...

do you have any pics of the men-in-black action?