Wednesday, January 16, 2008


I want to apologize to the millions that read about my adventures! OK, so how about the 5 people. I feel that this blog started off so great last year and was exciting to write through the race season. But as the season came to an end and my job started to take over every aspect of my life, I feel that it has become a little depressing and stale. Just like my (lack of) training.
My job as a Director of Marketing for a clothing company was life-changing. I felt as if I had fallen into the perfect carreer for myself. My co-workers were amazing and I thought that I was going to gain an immense amount of knowledge from the president. I definitely learned a lot. But my time at this company has come to an abrupt end. Though I usually experience only 1-2 colds per year, In the last 4 months it seems that I have been sick non-stop. Because of my drive to be the best that I can be and not just do things right but do them amazingly, I have physically and mentally worked myself into the ground. I have allowed old habits to resurface which end up depressing me in more ways than one. It has been really hard giving what I have given with no real payoff. I strongly realized a couple of weeks ago that I needed to make a change. I miss riding...I miss being happy...I miss being healthy...I hate making excuses...
Well friends, change is in the air! In more ways than one! As I started off in this post, I want to say that I am sorry! Sorry for the depressing, angry posts. Sorry for bailing on plans. And I am sorry that this blog became more about self-loathing and less about MY QUEST TO BECOME AN ENDURANCE RACER! That will all change starting now!
I have just a few days left as a Marketing Director and will soon attack a new challenge. I will get back to my passion. I have accepted a position to manage another retail establishment. The exciting part of this to me is that my passion is putting together teams of people then leading, coaching, mentoring, and learning from that team. The position that I have taken is with a company whose goals and morals are on track with mine and believes that success comes through its people. I am stoked! The store that I have been offered needs to be totally rebuilt as far as staff. The challenge is huge and the first 2-3 months will be long hours and lots of pain...(kind of like an endurance race) but the experience is what I will enjoy..and the payoff will be a great chance of growth both personally and professionally.
I am also excited that I will be able to get my training back on track! I am so happy! So I give you my promise that I will increase the happiness in my posts and get back my goal of becoming a competitive endurance mountain biker! I still anticipate a rough training schedule for the next couple of months as most racers seasons get underway, but come out Southern Cal...I will be my game!
Keep Climbing,

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