Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Florida Bound

Just have to make it through the day and off to Florida I will be! I got in a little saddle time Monday night. Took the road bike out with lights and every piece of warm clothing that I could find. I got about an hour and 15 minutes of riding in. When I got home some of the lesser covered areas of my body were frozen! I hope to get a mountain ride in tonight as my home trail should be a little dried out! It will be cold but good!
Tomorrow morning I will fly to Florida. As I have stated in prior posts I am super excited. Mike called me from the Orlando Convention Center and said that our booth is right across from the mini halfpipe where the Volcom mini ramp contest is being held! I will take lots of pictures and post as soon as I can. Still not sure if I am taking my computer on the road but if I do I will for sure post updates. The only thing that I am not looking forward to is the jet-lag. Escpecially when I come home! It might make it easier to get up early and ride though!
Keep Climbing

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