Thursday, January 24, 2008

It's Raining It's Pouring and It's Not Stopping

I was super excited on Friday when the decision was made that I would not have to go to Salt Lake City this week. All that I could think was, wow, I am going to ride all week long! Saturday morning I got a morning ride in that hurt like a mutha! I knew that I hadn't ridden much over the last two weeks, but it felt as if it had been 2 years! **Note to self #3, when you haven't had much saddle time in the last couple of weeks, don't pick the biggest, baddest hill to climb!**
I had promised to work at the shop Sunday and also do the shop ride which starts at 8am. It's just a quick hour and a half road ride over Rock Store. I thought that I would get a little extra time in and head out for a 12 mile loop at 7am and then meet up for the ride. The temp when I started was around 37 degrees! I had enough clothing on to keep me warm in all ares except my face and toes! When I got to the meeting spot at 10 till 8 my toes felt as if they had frozen and had a heartbeat of their own. A throbbing heartbeat! I decided that I was not going to be able to stand this pain and headed home! I know that I am a big baby, but man!
Monday I slept in with my lovely and we spent a nice day off together! I had some shopping to do for my new job and was able to find some amazing deals! I hate spending money on clothes when I could be saving it towards THIS. I spent an hour on the trainer Monday night. I wouldn't mind the trainer so much but it hurts my ass realllly bad! There is no forgiveness! An hour is about all I can take because of the pain. I would love a pair of THESE rollers! This would take care of that non-forgiving feeling that puts such punishment on my backside. I would be willing to do a century on these in order to raise the money to buy a set! I would then follow the lead of Fatty and bet you all that I could do a second 100 miles THE NEXT DAY in order to raise money for one of my favorite charities. Any takers? If only I had 160 readers that would all donate ten dollars?
Back to my week...
Tuesday the rain was supposed to hit so I slept in and than headed to the bike shop to get another days work in. I got home and hit the trainer for an hour again. Wed. morning I got up and grabbed the mountain bike as the rain had stopped for a moment. I climbed Dead Cow and came back down as it was getting muddier and muddier the higher I went. I then made a mad dash around the city as the clouds started to roll in. I logged about 25 miles in an hour and a half. As I got about a mile from home, the sky opened up and started POURING!
I got up this morning and did another hour on the trainer before another day at the shop. I came home and with the intention of getting another hour in on the trainer but my garage door would not open? I tried with no success to get it open and now must wait until 9am to get a key from the office to open it. Bummed! As soon as I am done I think that I will hit the Gym.
I had planned on going to the 12 Hours of Temecula race on Saturday but it seems that the weather is going to stay. I don't feel to hot about driving 3 hours in this kind of rain! Hopefully I will be able to log some hours next week but it looks as if the rain is going to be steady until at least Tuesday! I usually love the rain but this is crazy!

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