Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I Need Butter for My Toast

The sun decided to show it's face yesterday! I was so excited! I grabbed the road bike and new exactly the ride that I wanted to do. I layered on the clothes as it was very cool out. As I headed down the road towards the mountains, the wind hit me like a mack truck. The funny part is that no matter which way I turned, the wind was either hitting me head on or from the side! I suffered my way up Mulholland and as I crested the top I was greeted by freezing cold 40+ mph winds! Yippee! I was on my bike outside though so I didn't care. I crossed the ridge line and dropped down Decker Canyon. Things got crazy as the road was like a waterfall all the way down. I have never descended this road so slowly. The best part was crossing the lake that had formed at the bottom! From there I turned left into Hidden Valley with a round by Lake Sherwood. Hidden Valley was brutal as the headwind was blowing so hard I couldn't get my average speed over 15 mph. I usually average about 22 mph across this flat section. I climbed out of the valley and made the turn towards home. I noticed some dark clouds coming from the ocean and got a little scared that there was rain coming. My legs were TOAST, yet I found a good pace that I was able to hold all the way to the mall. A few miles of rolling terrain straight into more wind and then I stopped by the bike shop to refill the bottles and put my feet into the microwave! Didn't work so I just stayed long enough to warm up and then hit the road towards home. I was pretty hungry and wiped out from the wind. I tried to sprint up a couple short hills on the way home but would crumble before the top of each one. All said and done I got in 43 miles at about 3 hours and 3500 ft. of climbing.
I tried to get on the trainer this morning but only lasted about 35 minutes! TOAST!
Legs felt like anchors and I just couldn't spin! I am going out in the freezing cold tomorrow morning with Mike! We are hitting the trail in Simi Valley. We are going to ride over the pass into the valley then climb Johnson's Motorway figuring that we will see some crazy cool waterfalls! I will take photos if we find any. We will than bomb Chumash Trail and head home. Hopefully legs will feel better! Work at the shop again tomorrow...Good Times.
Oh Yeah, I passed(or they passed me) the Rock and Republic Race Team as they were on a team ride. Led by a Cadillac Escalade and followed by a Hummer H2. Kind of a surreal sight. Some of the shop team guys came in today and said that they saw Rock out on Mulholland today filming a video or commercial. They had a helicopter filming the team from above! Sounds cool. It will be interesting to see what happens with this team this year.
Keep Climbing,

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