Thursday, August 21, 2008

Can't Seem To Shake It

We arrived home last Friday night after a great two days ok the
island! I felt relaxed and was ready to get out ok my bike Saturday.
I had taken the whole week easy as I was not feeling so hot at the end
of the previous week. I woke Saturday feeling a little lazy and
unmotivated to ride so I waited until about 11am to take off. I wanted
to shoot for a three hour climbing session in Chesebro so I stocked up
on cold water and food and hit the trail. The first hour was
good, a little hot but exactly what I expected from my body. Entering
hour two I started feeling pretty powerless. I pushed on at a lower
cadence hoping that I could push through it but never seemed to
recover. I was about a quarter of the way up Powerline when I decided
that I as going to need to turn around. That still put me with about a
1000 ft. To climb and 45 minutes from home.
When I got home I drank some Recoverite and jumped into the pool. By
the time I got out I could tell I was I'm some trouble. I woke up
Sunday feeling like I had been beaten with a very large stick.
Wouldn't you know I seem to have another infection. This has not been
my year health wise. Tuesday night I had a temperature of 100 degrees.
Off to the doctor I went on Wednesday and a round of antibiotics was
the result. I am done with these health issues! I think it may be
time to talk to a sports physician and figure out where my threshold
for overtraining is. It seems that these weeks that I lay down huge
numbers, I end up over taxes. Hang I'm with me I'll be back on the
bike soon.

Lucas Crawford

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