Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Joy and Thanks

As I contemplated all morning what I would add to this list, I was beat to the punch by the Fat Cyclist If you have not already done so, please check out the post below this one as it is an amazing read!
What am I thankful for this year? Well in no particular order after the first two:

My wife Kristen. No matter how sarcastic, crazy, happy, tuned-out, grumpy, sleepy, sullen, excited, or whatever I may be at the moment, she loves me. The woman that I fell in love with instantaneously back in 1995 only to marry 4 months later...still gives me the same heeby-jeebies in my tummy when I look at her! I am so thankful for you babe!

My 4 Chihuahuas Pippin, Lola, Finnagin, and Bean. These are our kids. Every single time I walk in the door...I feel loved. Whether I have been gone for thirty seconds or 3 days, my pups jump all over me giving me endless kisses and all the attention I could ever want in this life! There is absolutely nothing like coming home from a crappy day at work and walking in the door to the most exciting welcome! One of my favorites is coming home from a ride and laying down to stretch only to have all the sweat licked from my face! Pip, Mama, Ginnies, and Professor....I love you all!

My Family I am thankful for my family! I am definitely not the best son or brother but I am thankful that my family loves me anyway! Mom, you taught me about sensitivity and compassion. Dad, you taught me about hard work and humbleness. Thank you for never giving up on me! My older brother Micah who teaches me about family through his example. My younger brother Stephen who has followed God's heart in his life. Thank you guys for not only loving me unconditionally but teaching me in everything that you do.

I am lucky enough to have two families! I give thanks for Kristen's mom, Jan. She has loved me like a son since the beginning. I am also thankful for our niece Kailey whom I have been lucky to be an uncle to. Kacy and Clint, thank you for being such cool in-laws.

My friends Mike and Karen Mahoney, Bill, Rory and Jen, Tom, Kim, The Langins, Mike G, Andrew, and Jeff and Talina. Thank you all for everything.

Pizza. I am thankful for pizza! Toppers is my favorite!

Cycling.I have had many obsessions in my life. Some have come and gone and some become a little less important. Kristen has said for the last two years that she thinks this too shall pass.. I say...Cycling is here to stay with me. Whether I ride with a group of friends for fun, pedal around Catalina Island with Kristen, hammer my way through the hills, ride out my stress of the day, or spin leisurely to recover, I am hooked and hooked for life. The views, the competition with others and myself, the feeling of accomplishment, the battling through lactic acid burn just to go a little longer, and the dream of riding a 24 hour solo. These are just a few things that stoke me about riding. Also, the thought that I can do this until the end...

My online cycling friends I am thankful to all the cycling friends that I have found. Some I have met at races, some I have met through those whom I have met at races, and some I have met through searching the blogs! I have learned so much from each and every one of you. Thank you for always answering my questions and allowing me into this amazing community!

And not to be missed, I am thankful for ALL the things that I have been blessed with. I am so lucky to have all the necessities and extras like a home, food, water, clothing, health, and the like! I thank the Lord for all His provisions!

Happy Thanksgiving
May you eat, ride, shop, and eat some more!

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Brendan said...

well put.

Happy Thanksgiving!