Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tired as a Dog

I think I may have hit a wall this week?! I seemed to start my week off strong with a couple of road rides, yet once aboard my mountain bike, my legs were bonked. Hoping that today would be better I did not get the chance to check them as it was POURING rain when I got off work. I will try to do some stretching tonight before bed and hopefully it will be dry enough to hit a light dirt ride tomorrow. Saturday is race day and I need to sart projecting some positive thoughts as I know that will ready me to fly!
Keep your fingers crossed and say a little prayer as I have the goal of breaking 45 minutes this week! I have been working on my strength and breathing and believe that I can shave a couple minutes if I attack the course in a couple of key areas. Slower traffic in the singletrack will also play a part. I kind of hope that the recent storms keep some away, so that I can get a better feel as to what I can put down without slower groups ahead of me?! We will see?

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