Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Ode to my Bike

I thought that I would take this day to give some praise where praise is due! I will start with my wonderful bike shop, Westlake Cyclery. From the moment I walked in over two years ago, they treated me right! Bill gave me some information and steered me towards the bike he thought was right for me and the money I had to spend. He didn't over-sell me, and he got me the most for my buck! Thanks Bill. The shop has been there every step of the way with advice, mechanical help, training tips, and more than I could ever ask for. So thank you, Kim, Bill, Sean, Kevin, Tony, and Mike! You have all contributed to my growth and excitement in this new way of life.
My ailing bike is next! Mad props to Specialized! A little less than two years ago I purchased a Hardrock Comp. I had about $500 to spend and Specialized offered a lot for the money! When you subtract the 9 months off the bike because of my illness, I have rode the heck out of my Hardrock for about 28 weeks! I have logged over 3000 miles in those 28 weeks, and my Specialized has held up like the Hardrock it was designed to be! As of late though, I have had to replace part after part, as I have rode it to death...literally! My desire to ride Specialized into the future is bigger than my wallet at the moment! They have the best race bike on the market in my opinion. I have my eyes and heart set on a Specialized Epic. I would love a Marathon model but would gladly take an Expert! Of the 5 million bikes on the market, there is just not a better made race bike! Almost all of Team Sho-Air(my favorites!) win on their Epics week after week!
I have spoken with some great people at Specialized! They just do things right and for the right reason! The only complaint I have about them is that they passed me over for sponsorship this year! Why would they pass me up? If I had my sponsorship application to do over again with what I know now, there is a lot I would change! It's all a learning experience? I guess?!
I have also met some amazing people in this industry that I would like to thank! At my first race last year I met Matt Dashiell from Shimano North America. He raced in my class and was a great guy offering advice and tips both before and after the race. As we waited for results and awards that day he shared some of his amazing story with me! Thanks for being so open and cool! We have continued to stay in touch since November and he always has great racing advice and cool things to share! Matt was hit by a car awhile ago when riding and suffered some injuries that are still bothering him to this day. The injuries have been keeping him off the saddle for a while and I ask that any of all you prayer warriors that may be reading, offer up some prayers of healing for this awesome cat! You are in our thoughts buddy! Thanks again for your friendship! I look forward to riding with you again!
Specialized, will you be my valentine? I promise to make you proud!

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