Sunday, February 18, 2007

Birthday Week!

It is truely amazing how much two days of different types of foods affect your body! My wonderful wife took me to Disneyland for my birthday last Sunday and Monday, and needless to say, we ate what we wanted! I am not on a specific healthy diet, but I have tried to cut out most junk food. I think the 2 days of yummies set me back a few in my training! It also seems to make me hungrier than usual, and I do not fill up as fast as normal.
I spent a lot of time on my road bike this week. I friend that I met racing in Fontana, passed me down a road bike last week. It's an old GT that seems to be getting the job done. I have definately been feeling pain in areas that haven't hurt before. I rode over 80 miles and spent a good 4 hours+ in the saddle. I averaged about 15.5 MPH each ride. I alternated days on my mountain bike, and I was definately feeling it each day on the dirt! I have been leary to ride my MTB to much because I am still waiting for my wheel to come in. The last thing I want is to be way up some hill in the middle of nowhere and have my hub grenade! Walking a broken bike sucks!
March and April will be great months full of racing! I can't wait! If I can continue to train hard, I plan on moving up to the sport class for all races other than the Southridge winter series. That will step things up to a whole new level! It has been nice getting first place but I definately want a bigger challenge! Longer distances, faster times, and much stronger competitors! Game on!

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Anonymous said...

Hi Uncle Lucas & Aunty Kristen,

You two look so silly. Did the food at Disneyland do that to you or what?

Uncle Lucas looks a little bit different from before. I don't remember your mouth being so crooked.