Friday, March 2, 2007

New Job!

I love the end of a work week! Walking out of my store after five long days of making coffee is a great feeling! Today was a little different though! Last Sunday I started working part time at my bike shop, Westlake Cyclery. I realized that Starbucks alone was not getting me to a new bike! So the shop asked if I wanted to put in some time. I worked three times this week and it was pretty cool! I sold a bike my first day and started to learn some new things. Everyone there has been great in coaching me. I spend a lot of time listening as they sell and discuss different things. I feel pretty solid when it comes to mountain bikes, yet road bikes are another story. I just need to spend some time in the product manuals and I will figure it out!
The new job has put a small dent into my riding. Between making sure that my lovely gets my attention and work and exhuastion, I have only ridden every other day this week. I've had a few great rides though! Sunday I put in a very cold 30 road miles, Tuesday another 30 road miles in some pretty stiff wind and then a great mountain ride in Chesebro canyon yesterday.
It was hard to get out yesterday but once I hit the trailhead I was feeling pretty good. I pushed pretty hard for the first 20 miles. I started to hit the wall about an hour and 45 minutes in. I pushed thru and had a fun descent down dead cow on the way home! I ended up at 28.5 miles and about 2 hours and twenty minutes! It was a great ride with great weather! I love those days!
I am going down to Laguna Niguel to the Grand Opening of the newest Rock N Road Cyclery Specialized concept store. They are doing a morning ride with some of the team and all kinds of give-aways. Carmichael Training is also going to be there! I hope to learn a few training tips and possibly win a prize or two?! I will also be riding with my friend Mike Mahoney on Sunday morning. He is always good at blasting my legs to death! It will be fun!

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