Monday, February 16, 2009

Sonic Boom

Looking Down Into Simi Valley from Rocky Peak

After some crazy rain this last week, we saw a possible riding window on Saturday. Mike and I knew the dirt on Johnsons/Chumash would be great and the views beautiful so that was our poison! Dean decided to come along and we headed up the pass at about 10:30am. The climb up Santa Susanna Pass was a little easier than last week and I ALMOST kept up with Mike. We pulled away from Dean as this was his first ride in a pretty long time! It did feel good to actually pull away from someone! The first part of Johnsons really sticks it to you with 15 to 18% grade for a 1/2 mile. Once passed that I found a steady pace and just tried to stick with it. I picked up a nail straight through the tire and had a quick stop to change out the tube. I managed to climb really well with no bobbles until the last little technical section! Mike and I had regrouped and decided to sprint the last 150 yards. He stuck it to me being one gear lower than I. Dean experienced the sonic boom and walked the last section! Poor guy. The drop down Chumash was perfect! The berms were awesome and the trail smoother than ever. We met Mikes wife and kids at Chef Burger for lunch and it WAS GOOD! Sourdough Melt...MMMMMM!

Looking Down Into Los Angeles from the Top of Johnsons

After church Sunday I thought I would take my chances with the mud in Chesebro and do my loop. Legs were not doing so hot after yesterdays effort but it was so beautiful out that I tried not to concentrate too much on the pain! The first part of the trail was in decent condition and I was having fun. I was about 3 miles from home when I hit the MUD! Somehow I missed seeing that it was coming and rode right through it. Chesebro mud/clay is not cool! It was great to get out and I can't wait until this rain is gone. I really need to spend some hours in the saddle building my base and dropping a this extra weight that I am carrying! It's pouring as I type this....poor guys racing in the Tour of California. Must be miserable!

Above Sulfur Creek in Chesebro

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