Monday, October 1, 2007

Ouch! My Legs

So I managed to not ride my bike until Friday of last week!:( I tried to get up Thursday but could not find some of my gear and used that as an excuse to not ride. My legs were feeling better by Thursday and I really wanted to get out, but I failed. Friday I did the Fast Friday road loop with Kim and felt OK. Saturday I went for a quick mountain bike loop through Chesebro Canyon before work at the shop and that hurt a little. My hamstrings and quads actually feel bruised! I pushed through the wimpy 13 miles and worked for the rest of the day. Sunday I made the mistake of telling two groups of friends that I would ride with them. I started a 32 degree FREEZING (for Southern California)road ride with Kim and a couple motorcylce racers that just finished their season. When we pulled up to the bottom of Rock Store I felt a rush of energy and settled into a pace. One of the motorcyle racers and I gently pulled away and pushed up the hill. About 3/4 of the way up he pulled away from me like I was standing still! Skinny bum! Once we were to the top of Power Climb I realized that I would not be able to do the whole ride with them and make it to my mountain bike ride with Mike. So I finished out the road ride at about 30 miles and 2450 feet of climbing.
Once home I ate quickly, walked the dogs and took off to Sycamore Canyon to meet Mike. My legs were hurting pretty good at this point! We dropped down into the canyon and I started to feel a little better up the Sage trail climb. He was just warming up so I was able to keep up. Once we hit Guadalajasco I was not certain I was going to make it! Usually I climb this trail in my middle ring but had to resort to my granny gear today! I suffered up the hill until about 5 minutes from the top when I got some juice back. I rolled up to the beautiful view were he wads waiting for me. He had probably put 6-8 minutes on me. We flew down the hill like pro's until he flatted! Quick change and we were off again. Headed back to our cars and we climbed the singletrack all the way to the black b*@$*. I actually climbed that in my middle ring and sprinted the last 200 yards. Quick jaunt over the connecter and it was off to Chipotle! I finished the day with a little over 50 miles and over 5500 ft of climbing!
Legs are still feeling a bit bruised today...I think it's time for a massage. I want to start some seriuos training to run through the month of October and get ready for the 12 hours of Temecula. I will write about my goals this week!

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