Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Could Use Some Sunshine

Where do I start! I am a ball of positivity at the moment...I woke up last Friday not feeling well at all. A cold has been running rampant through work and family. I started with heavy doses of vitamin c and plenty of water and zinc. As hard as it was I did not ride Friday or Saturday. I went to a 2008 Gary Fisher and Trek demo on Sunday and rode 8 or so new bikes. I felt better but tried not to over do it. I got up early Monday and rode in the cold. Legs were not feeling great but pushed out some miles anyhow. Tuesday slept in. This morning got up early and layered the clothes heavily as it was freezing out! Hit Rock Store and the legs were very tight. I am getting a little worried about my body performing Saturday. That is my body woes...I am also having bike woes!
I had a pair of Avid Juicy Seven's given to my last week by Kim and we installed them Saturday. I rode it after the demo on Sunday only to realize that the rear break had air in the line and therefor did not work. They have been trying to bleed them all week at the shop with no resolve! I am about to go crazy! This is all compounded by the fact that it may be thunder storming for most of my race on Saturday! Brutal! I could use all the prayers and good thoughts any and all you could send my way!
Bright spot in all this? I can't wait for the race...Rain, bike, health, I am going to ride my heart, body and soul out!

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