Saturday, April 7, 2007

Anniversary Vacation....And The Homewrecker!

Sorry it's been a few! Life has been busy in great ways! My wife Kristen and I celebrated our 11th anniversary this past week! We were able to get away to one of our most favorite places, Catalina Island! It is a very relaxing place to spend a few days! Everything is on the beach, and the weather was great. We took our bikes with us and rode everywhere we went! I also got a good twenty mile ride in one morning! It was a paved road ride, yet with all the hills I climbed for over half of the twenty miles! It was a great workout! That was not the highlight of our trip though. The highlight was relaxing spending quality time with my love! We literally spent hours just laying on the beach enjoying each others humor and attention! We also got to enjoy lots of great food! A lot of food!
When I got back to my wonderful job at Starbucks this week I realized why they call it vacation! Boy oh boy! The last three days have been three of the toughest I have gone thru since I started with Starbucks almost two years ago! To top each day off I put in another 4-6 hours at the Bike Shop. The glorious news is.....I brought home my new bike Friday night! Thats right race fans! I am now the proud papa of a Specialized Epic! When I got it home I showed Kristen and asked for her to help me come up with a name. She quickly thought of El Gringo but suddenly said,"no, no, I think you should name it The Homewrecker!" After a good laugh I warmed to the name! I thought more along the lines of all the poor souls that I will someday smoke, and they will have to go home broken and wrecked! J/K! Thought it sounded funny!

I finally got to spend about 35 minutes in the dirt today! I rode until dark and loved every minute of it! I feel a little sketchy as the frame geomotry is very different! I am trying to dial in a the front and rear shock as well as my seat, bars, shifters and so forth! I really need to get it dialed this week since Sea Otter is this upcoming weekend! I would love to do well in this huge race!
I will try to write more about my bike and training this week! Happy Easter to all! I will have a great Easter as I will be going on a morning ride with Rory and Bill. Then Kristen and I will be hitting the movies followed by a great meal at home! Once again, Happy Easter!

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